Syncona Mesa

Far off from my next neighbour Syncona Mesa
Springtime at Syncona Coo Doves in a Family way.


This is my sanctuary for  the past twenty years.  Produced tons of Art, in all media, that went out into the world. Made a mark and made a living.  Now it a residence. There is a difference. Before I would seek solace and find my depth. I would get in touch with the Vortex that originate and radiate from this Table. Its always there, place settings for however many people present. I was the  sole guest for many stellar events. My tentacles ever reaching, to possess the spirits that avail themselves. Now I am in permanent observation. A turbulent flow in the absence of external forces.  Exposed, I am.  How will I respond to this pressure?

For one thing, its distracting as hell. There is always something. Every day is capitol. My first day on the Mesa was in the middle of Summer. The temperature was 120 degrees but felt welcoming. The creosotes blossoms were popping, filling the air with this resinous fumes. Its miasma took my breath away. As I gaged almost passing out, my thought was, I am too weak to live in this shit. But, the challenge to live in it was alluring. The seasons are distinct as the east and the west. Its climate is Caribbean and its Araby. The  winds are the nemesis and must be respected.  I have been close to ruination often.

Then there is the the arid land that hold all the minerals from the ground water. Great for bathing, but too unsafe for drinking regularly. But I find myself downing a glass ever so often to enrich my system. Certain plants cannot thrive in this environ. Oleanders, Palms, Eucalyptus and Evergreens flourish.

The wild life is ever present. Over the years I allowed them to have  sanctuary. A leaking sprinkler on the north side that I let drip, eventually formed a pond. With the high position of the mesa it attract Birds of passage. Roadrunners, owls, quails, Coo Doves, varieties of finches and sparrows. Lately the Crows are ever present. Late Spring the Falcons and Hawks appear to thin the population.

Cayotes, Bobcats, Wild dogs, Packrats and other Rats make their eventful appearances. Snakes, scorpions, Vinegarones, spiders, wasps and Bees are constantly invading the space. Once my dog  Tyson, let in a snake. I think he was spellbound by it. My son Berhane has a second sense with Scorpions and Vinegarones. He would sense them in the house and find them. The latter are like Scorpions without the tail with stinger. They do bite hot, and for a day or so, my spit had the taste of vinegar.

Then the season of the Bees. Discovering that they had set up living in the siding of the house. Waking up to what I though was an overcast turned out to be a swarm, blocking the morning Sun. Then the frightening thing, they zoomed in and pitched on the side of the house. I ran outside to see the spectacle.

They had cover the whole side of the house. The middle where a knot hole is located in the cedar siding, they converged into it like a whirlpool. In minutes they disappeared inside. Thousands of bees were now occupying  a cavity of the house.

The siding had to be removed. The queens found and two Honey combs removed. The Honey combs were the size of a extra large pizza, about a inch and a half thick, filled with delicious creosote tasting honey.

One of the most devastating ruin was from the water. The source, a Well only 90 feet down. Its totally live. All the minerals and diverse properties, being pumped out the ground at 98 degrees.

The other was a wind storm.  The winds up here, on average is 10 to 20 miles a hour. Being on a Mesa in direct path to the San Gorgonio Pass. That where the San Jacinto and San Gorgiono Mountains meet. That Pass accelerate the winds into a vortex aimed at the Mesa I call Syncona.

The saga of the Water ruin, I will tackle on another musing. Also the Wind storms, they have made two special visits over the years.  They will need their own rumination.

The year that it Hailed and Snowed was remarkable. I experienced a total contentment of being  truly Blessed. The mystical implications in regards to my work at the time, wasn’t explored and I should have. But, I was working on a show at the time. The event served as a sign that I was flourishing, on the right track. See, there was doubt. There was a lingering fear at that time.

That was the show that was visited by three Yuroba Priestesses.   Orishas from countries in the Caribbean. They were attending a convention in Maimi Beach, Florida, of  Yuroba Priestess from  the Diaspora. The visit was especially because of the works I am doing with the Revival Series.  A Symbolic communication was implied with this visitation. They were sent by the ancestor Eshu. To inform me of an entity that was in my surroundings that was not meant for me. So they told me, after doing a huddle to confirm whether or not they should clue me in. This too,  will have to take another musing to tell the whole story.  Actually, its a Saga that spanned over ten years.

27 thoughts on “Syncona Mesa”

      1. Nice Benny…I see the eggs were probably Coo doves….nice descriptive prose on your life in the desert…Vinageroons…we have them here in the hills too….never been bitten by one yet…they move slowly and I keep a sharp eye out for them….

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  1. Ah yes the entity…what a saga,and I was part responsible for that…but I felt it before it passed to you and knew that I wanted nothing to do with it…what a story my friend….and I remember picking up a skull with a black widow spider inside in the same area we found the voodoo doll…..lifes mysteries.

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  2. Bernard, Bernard. What a revelation! I love your art (as you know)…and now I find you are a poet and naturalist! You have embraced the desert…and it has embraced you. Just so happens I’ve been discovering the magic of the Sonora desert (thinking all the magic was in PS). Love to you and Vera.


    1. Hi Pat,
      I missed seeing you last year.
      Had my hands filled with moving.
      A little more settled now.
      So, you have moved to AZ.?
      My desert info is still the same. Keep in touch.
      Blessings, Bernard


      1. No dear. I was just visiting my oldest daughter in Mesa. I’m actually in the process of selling P.S. home…and had a bad case of “can`t live w/o the desert.” I returned to my MO home yesterday.


  3. As one who has past the time, from above as well as with in your “Syncona Masa”, its delightful to know that journals are full of reflection for this special place.

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your family, Bernard. I celebrate you and your special environment and talents every day as I walk thru my home. I have beloved Hoyes art in every room…and some fm PS that is still not hung. You do know that I sold my PS home…and missing it, too. Love and blessings to all.

      Pat Etienne Sent from my iPhone



  4. As usual. very well written – you write as well as you paint. I am looking forward to the next series of paintings about the desert – miss you and look forward to seeing you in the very near future – much love from Susan

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      1. good morning to you – I just got a call from Elizabeth – I am so glad that the two of you connected again – she said that you two had a good long talk – wonderful..

        She has invited us to stay the night of the 5th, which I am going to do. Steve and I are going to bus it down – I think there is only one bus from LA around noon – I have not checked it up yet. But anyway, we will go directly ino Palm Sprngs and see you at the museum. We will probably be there earlier than the opening so if there is anything you want me to do, let me know. Then we will go back with Elizabeth and bus it home on the 6th.

        I am so excited about this show – I am hoping that it will make a big difference for you in Palm Springs. That is where your home is, and you should be well supported there. The traveling is so hard on you. So that is what is in my prayers for you.

        Talk to you later. Keep the chin up – love from Susan and Steve

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