Syncona Mesa, Mr. Bentley interupted

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Bentley(La)  Mr. Bentley is Silky hair Yorkie Terrier, from L.A.. We got him one Christmas for the Family. He was costly for a dog. The other dogs that we have bonded with, were given to us. Over the years, laVera and I somehow became his chief custodian. In the move to the Desert, we inherited him by default. The Apartments the occupy in the city don’t welcome Pets. Our kids, now young adults, prefer to come visit “their” dog.

There wasn’t much hope of his survival in the Desert. Especially at Syncona, his options was few. Lavera’s routine of walking him around the tame Neighbourhood of Wilshire Center was interrupted. Now the Desert come right up to our door. You exit and you are in the wilds. Acres of uninterrupted desert landscape with all the wildlife at home.

Before the move we had arrangement to have him fixed. That was placed…

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