Sanctified Joy: Knowing One is in full Harmony with One’s God. Our 4th. Summer Offering

“The Ritual of being sanctified, knowing one is cleansed of earthly despairs, knowing One is in full harmony with One’s God, singing, chanting in unison, as a Community”

Enjoy this rare “Sanctified Joy” Signed Open Edition Lithograph                             For 40% Off, During Our 4th. Summer Offering

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Signed Open Edition Lithograph Signed Open Edition Lithograph, Print size, 22×32″

“Sanctified Joy” was done in 1992 by Bernard Stanley Hoyes, at the Peak of his popular “Revival Series”.  The Original, oils on Canvas, size is 38×54″, now  in a Private Collection.  The Image was published by Caribbean Fine Art in 1998, as a Signed.  Open Edition, size 22×32″, using the Four color film separation process. Varnish applied. Printed on 120lb. rag, crome coated.

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