BERNARD STANLEY HOYES Road trip to Chicago Theological Seminary, with the Revival Series in October.

“Moonlight Spiritual” oils on Canvas, 40×60′
Limited edition available 22×32″
in the Collection of Ms Oprah Winfrey. oil on Canvas, 40x60 in the Collection of Ms Oprah Winfrey. oil on Canvas, 40×60″ 1992. Available as Signed Open Edition

September 24 – October 23, 2014
A collection of 36 Paintings will be on exhibition
Conversation with the artist: Hoyes will discuss his craft, inspiration,and the impact his Art has made. learn more here.

This is a culmination of 30 years of exploring African Spirituality and its survival in the Western hemisphere. These paintings on exhibit are a selection of the Genesis of that exploration from the first two decades when I was inspired to give homage to the my first Religious experience living in My Great Grand Aunts backyard Church in Rae Town in Kingston, Jamaica.
Love that The Chicago Theological Seminary has recognized my contribution to the conversation on African Spirituality.  Love that this is the second time in three months I have been invited to a University, to share my works (at the Harvard Divinity School)
Africans at home and abroad endured thru Faith. Faith in a higher Order, represented by the Pantheon of Ancestral Spirits.  It has manifest itself from Baptist to Vodun. The Spirits have survived superstition to reverential belief.  They have contributed immensely to all creative discipline in Western Culture. The series began as a tribute and became a life long Cultural and Spiritual conversation with the Public.  Come join us as we give respect.
“Thanks and praises to the Most High.”

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