“RAGS IN THE SANDS OF TIME” The Evolving Rag Series

Syncona Skies
BERNARD STANLEY HOYES                 “Syncona Skies, mixed Medium 30×40”

Rags on Earth

The opening of a new show this season in Palm Desert introduced the Art Public to Bernard Stanley Hoyes’s Rag series. In contex that has the earth, the dirt, the grains of Sands combined with the textures of the Rags in concert.  Tones of browns and beiges are highlighted to values that relies on the natural realm.




“Rags in Sand” mixed medium on Canvas, 30×40″


Lairs, Den, and Burrows
BERNARD  HOYES “Lairs Den and Burrows” Mixed Medium 38×46″

Since 1992, Hoyes adopted the Etching medium as a means of expression, for its details, its intimacy and craftsmanship. The deliberate implied rhythmic lines and tonal gestures of The Revival Series (for which he is well known) have found new life.

The mediums fluidity, intimate scale, and delicate calligraphic lines has becomes a personal kind of gesture, like a private note or letter evoking different emotional textures. A body of work like the Rag Series, with its imperfect lines with rich textures and nuanced tonalities, has found new terrain. http://www.Bernardhoyes.com.

“My Artistic concerns has been with spiritual testimonies, using Contemporary expressions as the driving force to established a Visual Voice. Speaking and Calling to our inner spirit, beckoning into worlds and regions of  sacredness and sanctified offerings in search of the life force. My new works have gotten transformative.”

“Se7en Paintings a Story in Performance” An Interdisciplinary  Performance at the FORD

Proof being, bringing a selection of the Revival Series Paintings to life, to tell a Story on Stage. An Interdisciplinary creative force, using Visual Arts, Video, Dance, African Drums and Voices. The production titled, “Se7en Paintings, a Story in Performance”, premiered at the Ford Amphitheater Stage in Los Angeles in 2012.

A unified science of all my art that went before, including neglected concepts and synthesis of varied medium, as expressed in the multidisciplinary “Seven Paintings”. This Art Performance is sure to elevate, inspire and revolutionize the way we view art in the future. To experience the work of Bernard Stanley Hoyes’ beyond seven paintings, go to http://www.bernardhoyes.com.

Unique Contemporary Graphics by Bernard Stanley Hoyes. Rag impressions reflect ancestral connections to contemporary life. Done in a spontaneous technique. A rag laden with ink is cast onto paper as a fisherman would cast his net in the sea. When lifted a print remains suggesting and delineating forms, mass and movement. Details added by the artist free the images into compositions with vitality and power

bh-Rags on the Horizon, aCivilization in my Past

“Rags on my Horizon, a Civilization in my Past” mixed medium on paper, 24×36

New insights in my application of the Painting discipline have since emerged as a result. There  are   a  few  from  the  Rag  series,  which  are  well  known.  “Where  she  found  her  wings”  “Rag  Nouveau”  and  “Rag  in  Vogue”  All  inspired  by  the  notion  of  having  arrived,  irregardless of  how  we  got  there,  Ragged,  but  aspiring  in  style. A Modernist discourse has evolved. Raw Materials, technology, and raw textures have appeared. Templates harkening back to the Rag Series of the Seventies, when Raw materials and graphics were prevalent in my Artistic exploration.”

Fortunes Bride
Bernard Stanley Hoyes “Fortune’s Bride (Rags) mixed Medium 38×60”




BERNARD STANLEY HOYES “In a Rag Mood” mixed medium on Canvas, 30×40


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