Original prints. They are produced in limited editions
Praising the Most High, Limited Edition Serigraph 300 edition on stratamore paper 30×40” image size 23×34” Published by Caribbean Fine Arts, 1994

Serigraphy is a time honored technique... This classic method involves labor processes based on stenciling, for creating prints by hand. It is expensive!
It begins by determining how many colors are represented in the original painting. The print studio makes a separate screen for each color to be printed. If there are 70 colors printed, there must be 70 screens prepared created by a chromist (hand color separator artist) that simulate one to one the brush stroke or texture of the artist.
Emoltions are embedded into the screen that block out negative or positive areas that the ink will passed through. A squeegee is used to squeeze the colors through onto the canvas or paper.
The print grows with every color printing, becoming richer and more complete, until the artist is satisfied. On an average day, 1 to 2 colors can be printed. At the finishing stage a texture varnish applied.
After each hand mixed color is printed, they are layed out on
printing racks to dry. After approximately two to three hours, the next color can be printed.
Oil based inks (base and pigments) can take longer. An edition of 300, with 70 colors can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to complete.
Serigraphs are truly "Limited Editions”
In order to control their rarity once an edition is completed the drawings and stencils are destroyed, as are the screens. Also, each print is slightly different, as each screen is hand pulled, adding to the rarity enhances the collector value and owning a serigraph print is a good art purchasing decision!


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