BERNARD STANLEY HOYES Multidisciplinary Visual Artist


Bernard Hoyes “Silent Sparrow” Rag series cotton, vinyls, mono rag print Acrylics, newsprint and butcher paper. 40×72” 2014

The 45 Show
“I worked out my concept before taking an Exhibition to Jamaica. I got back a few days before we were doing the hanging for the show. I created it the day before I hung the piece”, explained Bernard. Amazing!

RAG Series in Performance

I met Bernard three days before the opening of The45 Show. Micheal Massenburg was curating and introduced us. Bernard was loaded up as he walked into Twenty Miles East Gallery in Pomona California, with his wife, Lavera. Bernard rolled out a long cloth onto the floor and he began forming his installation piece.

SILENT SPARROW being viewed at the National Gallery of Jamaica 2021 photo Annie Paul

Thoughts About Art
“Today we have to compete against TV, Internet, Film and more” exclaimed Mr. Hoyes. I understand what he means as I am pulled in several directions all the time. All mediums are fighting for our attention. Hoyes continued, “The power of the artistic process has changed over the eras”. What I gathered from speaking to Mr. Hoyes is that he believes the artist plays an important role in our lives. He confirmed my thoughts when he said, “Art is anticipation. Anticipation tugs at the emotions, it’s in the artist and the audience. It’s volatile, everybody suffers from it. It creates a highly charged atmosphere”. As I reach back into my memory, I picture The 45 Show, I see that anticipation happening as clearly as when I was there. Beautiful!

BERNARD HOYES “Silent Sparrow” mixed medium, vinyls, cotton, news print, butcher paper, Acrylics, 40×72” 2014

“Records, (Vinyls), were revolutionary back then. Today, we take the process for granted. In the early days, only those who were connected made records. I was trying to create a figure, the musical Vagabond, walking through the country side. A representative of the unknown artist”. I was on the phone speaking to Mr. Hoyes but his statement hit me as hard as a punch in the nose. It was profound, beautiful and sad all at once. Unfortunately he is right. Many artists are never discovered from lack of resources, lack of knowledge and most sadly out of fear of failure. I love that he put that much thought into his incredible piece. http://www.Bernardhoyes.com

Next thing I knew, he was on a ladder and he started stapling his art, one piece at a time. It was the first time I had ever seen an artist building a piece in front of my eyes. It was an exceptional experience. Unfortunately I had to leave before the piece was complete. Three days later when I arrived at the opening, I was moved by Bernard’s piece.


RAGS, Installation, Ceremonial Tables

Art life on Syncona Mesa.

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