BENIN’S OGUN: God of Iron/War

Like the focus on one deity. Is this a trend toward introducing each deity of the Pantheon of Spirits?

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BENIN’S OGUN: God of Iron/War (Revised)
By Chief Dr. Daryl M. Peavy

Ogun Priest Chief Dr. Daryl Peavy – Ogun Priest

Ogun-an embodiment of the magical force of transformation. Ogun is traditionally known as the deity of Iron and War. He traveled throughout Africa, where his trail can be seen through metal working and warfare.
His name has taken on many pronouncements such as Ogun, Ogu, Ogwu just to name a few. He is attached to ironworkers and metal, as well as their instruments. He is not only associated with war, but also hunting, medicine, magic, healing and the alchemical process of change. Through their travels, hunters, priest, herbalists, and diviners spread the Ogun cult through West Africa (Barnes 1989, 8).
The stories of Ogun are archaic. The origins of Ogun probably evolved out of an iron-aged culture that valued war, as well as warriors, and the instruments of war and…

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