CLIMATE CHANGING, Identifying elements

RAGS is expressing textures, mood, in its own language through MONO-Printing.

The mission was to recollect the language I “buck up” on while creating a series on elements causing Changes to Present Atmospheric conditions. An imbalance of Air, Water, Fire, and earth taken to extremes.
Rags laden with colors give Textures, cross hatched and fused as elements would amalgamate.
These original piece done in the Desert of California was lost on my trip to Kingston. Cause?, extreme Climate conditions as in “regional Hurricane.” Forty flights to the Caribbean canceled one afternoon in Miami International Airport, including mine to Kingston. Total disarray and confusion as my contribution to the conversation I am having with Fine Arts Printmaker of Jamaica. A cooperative I am encouraging to amplify Printmaking in Kingston was delayed and never found, up to now. So, the show had to go on. Calling on the creative energies, my studio in Kingston became a Laboratory as I recreated the spirit of my pieces I intended to show.
The Exhibition opened at University of the West Indies, Headquarters in Mona. This past week, will close July 15

2 thoughts on “CLIMATE CHANGING, Identifying elements”

  1. Bernard Hoyes proved himself to be a truly resilient artist. The loss of his artwork and luggage would have been enough to knock most people down before a major exhibition. Bernard got straight back to work…. What he hasn’t added to this article is that he also picked up a bad flu virus, so had to battle through ill health to produce that new work….the show must go on…. I have major respect for Bernard Hoyes.

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    1. Thanks for your witness in support of my being professional and being determined to follow through on a commitment. Your are truly a beautiful friend and colleague through the years.
      Years of Artistic resilience is second nature now.
      The Flu or whatever strain of COVID I had, didn’t come near the first bout I had in 2020.
      Maybe the vaccine did its thing. I was still able to maintain my energies. The coughing and sinus congestion at the same time kept me in the Studio and out of the Streets to get the work done.

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