Miss Iris 24ct Smile oils on canvas 24×36” 1978 The Caribbean Collection

Auntie Iris is the entrepreneur of the lane. She is the first out the gate in the mornings. Her strawBasket is layered out with Produces for sale during her walkabout during the day. Tamarind balls, Paradise plums, Peanuts, gums is arranged so the basket is well balanced on her head. She is usually stationed outside the gate after School let’s out. She council, she scold, she is security for the youths at her station. Auntie Iris smile is the biggest and brightest, each tooth space is filled with gold fillings, spaced evenly between each tooth, can’t help to showoff her upmarket status. She is a woman of means. She takes pride in the exchanges she Labour at daily, that allow her young costumers the satisfaction of rewarding themselves after a day of learning.

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